Saturday, February 28, 2015

One..Two..Three...Errrr'body UP! And then please be very quiet cuz Cody has gone and laid down to nap. He woke me to tell me he was sheepy. And that there was Shnow. So I got up, handed out pills and by the time I had pottied the dogs, he was lying back down. Well, I'm glad to know me getting up is so peaceful it inspires him to nap. Really. 
Not much snow out there, I thought we were supposed to get 2 inches? Oh well, I'm sure it's enough to incite panic at Wal-mart. People are probably cleaning them out of bread, milk, eggs and toilet paper...cuz you just never know when snopocalypse is coming. I need to go clean them out of cough drops and Excedrin Migraine. Cuz I'm gonna need something to trade for food when the whole world shuts down over this snow. Right? you have the same idea... 
Spent the greater part of last night crocheting. Oh, so relaxing. I'm working on a C2C afghan that is working up just beautifully. It's a gorgeous variegated yarn of blues, purples and greens that I am just gaga over...only problem is- I got the yarn on Black Friday's $1.99 sale...and I ran out, smack in the middle of my 'ghan. So I am hoping it wasn't some rogue color they came up with and I can find it when I go out there today. But, let's be honest...I don't have the best luck in the world. So I may have a half-and-half-corner-to-corner afghan. Crossing fingers it'll be there. Otherwise my blanket will be all wonky and that just won't fit in at our house. Yeah, I know, I laughed too when I wrote it. I have found these amazing hooks that work SO great for me. They are by Boye and have rubber grip handles- and more importantly, the grip extends all the way up to where I hold my hook- I use a pencil grip, rather than the traditional overhand hold of the hook. I love that hook. It was my best hook ever. And it's missing. I have a pretty good idea where it's gone. I suspect Lillie- our kleptomaniac chew-everything-up dog got it and ate it. And then Randy has either hidden it or thrown it away to destroy evidence. Because he does stuff like that. She has chewed up shoes I've never even worn...and somehow they got into the bottom of my shoe basket. How, you might ask? Well, I'm pretty sure she didn't cover her own tracks, so let's surmise she had help to hide the shoe carcasses. Voila! Enter Randy. When I ask him about things like that, I get eye contact avoidance and a question for the question, i.e. "why would I know where it is?" or "what makes you think she did it?" Oldest trick in the book. My mom lie detector is beeping like crazy. In fact, I could use some of that Excedrin migraine...
It's a might chilly today. Fluffy snow is still falling outside, it makes me feel all cozy. I declare this a biscuits and gravy kinda morning. Now, who wants to come fix them for me? No takers? Story of my life.

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