Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Good Morning friends, family and neighbors!! Today marks day 5 of staying clothed. Yep, that's right...NO PANTS OFF!!! Woo-hoo!!! I'm doing my Ickey Woods cold cut dance! Quietly, Bub doesn't actually realize he's not been taking them off. I think once he does, it'll be back to the nudist colony. Or- I guess it would be the half nudist colony. Lower half nudist colony? I dunno...anyhow, I'd just as soon not go to it again. 
He has also been sleeping every day until just a few minutes before 7. Which is heaven to me. I won't push it and ask for 8...but if it happens...well...streamers and confetti might be in order. And I am pretty sure he can tell time. I keep suspecting it, but it's getting more and more solid in my mind. He knows he can't have his game until 8. So, at a couple of minutes till 8 he will come and start staring at me...then at 8 he asks for it. And if he is on punishment, he will do the same thing before whatever hour he is allowed. I'm thinking this kid knows a whole lot more than he is letting on. Seriously. 
My coughing is getting more under control, Randy's however is keeping us all up at nights. He coughs and coughs and I try and give him cough syrup and he's like a little kid- "I don' wanna take that, it tastes nasty" Me:*eyeroll* "TAKE IT OR DIE IN YOUR SLEEP." I have two children that live here, have I told you? One is just older, minds a whole lot less and is too big to spank. At least he doesn't take his pants off when he gets up in the morning. Yet. 
I've been crocheting a lot since my carpal tunnel release makes me able to hold the hook without being in pain. I also found an awesome hook with a built up handle that works where I hold it to make it easier. I hold mine like a pencil, so the regular ones don't work so great for me. But this one was wonderful. I loved it and it loved me. We were perfect for each other. And now it's missing. I've torn the house apart in the search for my soulmate hook. I'm fairly sure the demon dog took it and ate it. And I am also fairly sure Randy found it and either hid it or threw it away. He does that. He's hidden flip-flops in the bottom of my shoe basket that she chewed up so I wouldn't find them till later. I actually actively looked for one for three days before I finally gave up...all the while he wouldn't look at me when I asked him about it or he would say "Why would I know where it is?" Mmm-hmm, question with a question...I got your number, Mister. And now when I ask about it...same thing. So I am assuming it is gone with the wind. And I will cry and mourn it and bury a little empty box in the back yard. And hope they have them when I go to JoAnn's again. I lead such a troubled life, y'all. It's a wonder I'm not crazy. 


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