Saturday, February 14, 2015

Okie apparently the fifth time is NOT the charm. We had four glorious days of not taking anything off. Now we're back to square one. So far this morning, nekked twice. So far this morning, 2 hour delay on game. So far this morning, no mental breakdown (by Mama). All those 'so fars' are subject to change at any point in time, for any reason. Although the most favored reason would be nekked X3. 
Up at 6:25 this morning. And 6:40 and 6:50 at which point his father told him he could get up. Thanks, honey. Solidarity! 
Now, here I sit in the living room, by myself...cuz Cody has gone back and laid down to nap. SO NOT FAIR! I want a nap!! But as sure as I laid down, he'd get up again. Yep, this ain't my first Codeo. I've fought this bull a few times. For way more than 8 seconds. 
The weather man said last night *snow* is coming Sunday night and that we've moved more into the 'snow 2-4 inches' than the 'wintery mix' section we were in. Possibly even more accumulation than that. Now the disclaimer here is, that was last night and today is probably a brand new forecast- possibly involving sunstroke and/or laying out in my bikini. I know from the creak in my bones SOMEthing is coming. Just not sure what. But, just in case, I need to don my survival gear, gather my cross-bow and poison dart gun and head to the store for bread, milk and toilet paper before the rest of the town wipes out the supply and we have to use tree bark in the bathroom. I love how the forecasts incite panic. It's like no one will EVER get out of the house AGAIN!! Craziness. So I, of course, HAVE to join in. After all, I am the Queen of Crazy and these are my subjects. 
OK, Saturday, be kind...I'm a bit skittish today, I scare fairly easy, so let's just Keep Calm and Autism On. 
We can do eet! 

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