Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ow, Karma, OWWWWW! Karma, you bit me! That hurt, Karma! OWWWW!! (in my best Charlie, you bit me, Brit accent). Yep, Karma bit me, right smack-dab in the butt! When will I learn to not tempt fate by bragging on how good things are going? *sigh* 

Apparently NEVER. 

We were up at 6:20 AND we streaked. The kind Windex and coffee filters can't fix. The kind that makes me so mad, I want to chew up nails and spit out tacks. The kind that renders a PS2 useless until 9am. I said "WHY?! Why did you take off your pants?" His answer "Cold" Umm, yes, let's take off stuff since we are cold, rather than put them on. So, I redressed and put on pants that tie at the waist. I even put him back to bed once to no avail. So we stayed up. Which was a marvelous turn of luck, cuz I got to witness the cat barfing and clean it up right away...while it was still warm and gushy. The joy, the JOY! I love mornings at Crazytown. Sarcasm- level FLUENT.
Oh, and did I mention I did all this with my eyes nearly swollen shut? Yeah, I did and this is what to commercial....hehehe. To explain this, let me go back in time a little bit...Bath & Body Works has this lotion called Be Enchanted that I discovered a few months back. I fell in love with it immediately. I wore it every day and smeared some on every chance I got. It's heaven in a bottle. It makes my nose, more like downright thrilled. It smells like vanilla cupcakes and cotton candy and baby kitties armpits. Yeah, it smells THAT good. So, I slathered my hands with it last night before I went to sleep. Apparently at some point during the night, I rubbed my eyes vigorously with said lotioned hands and smeared them full of Be Enchanted. So this morning, I am nearly blind with red blood-shot eyes and am a whole lot less than enchanted. Warm compresses helped for the most part and I washed them out with eye drops. So if you see me today, I am NOT a stoner, I just play one on TV. Has this happened to anyone else? No? Well, that just figures. 

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  1. Your blogs are SO what I need right now ... guarunteed to cheer me up!