Friday, February 20, 2015

 Today I has a sad. My mom's dog, Molly went to her new home to live this evening. I know it is an awesome place and her new girl loved her before she even met her, but I cried when she left. Some of you may think that's silly, but she wasn't just an animal to me, she was a family member. And it was absolutely for the best, cuz Mom couldn't take care of her due to her health problems and I couldn't take her cuz we have a houseful of furry kids. And I KNOW it was the RIGHT, BEST, PERFECT home for her. But...still, I cried. I felt like I failed her. Even though she is going to a wonderful place, it still felt like I didn't take care of her. And that is a sucky feeling. My mind knows it isn't true, but my heart is breaking. I can't wait to hear from her new girl, and see how well Molly is doing, because I KNOW she will. And I can go visit her anytime. So, my heart isn't completely broken, I guess, just a little cracked. 
We started the day with a Pants off-Dance off, you know- like any other morning around here. Although there was a twist today, as he had on the one-piece sleeper and he didn't take it off, just shoved his drawers down under his butt. So he looked all baggy pants gangsta in his union suit, with the diaper baggin' at the straddle. I said "Why did you take your pants off?" And the response? My ever concrete thinking child said "Didn't!" Cuz if there was no hiney to be seen, apparently it didn't violate the rules to him. Well, guess what? Mom was a "Mean Mama" and made him wait for an hour anyways with the careful explanation that anytime he takes his diaper off was NOT good. Whether I actually saw the full moon or his franks and beans or not. But that was this morning and tomorrow morning will be a whole 'nother day and I am guessing the rules don't apply to it. It's kinda like waking up in Wonderland here. You wonder what will happen. You wonder when. You wonder why. You wonder where your marbles went and why you didn't miss them before. 
Went to WM again today to finish getting the things I forgot yesterday and then didn't manage to go get last night cuz I fell asleep sitting straight up on the couch. Not as many people there today, but still managed to see a couple of people I hadn't in a long time and got some hugs. Now, I don't know if they wanted them o r not,but they got 'em. I am a spontaneous hugger and when I haven't seen you in a while, you can expect to be hugged. It's who I am. The crazy lady who gives you hugs. Or at least that's the way they described it on the police report. Just kidding. There was no police report. It was a warning. No, really JUST KIDDING. 
Soooo, where is the snow they said we were getting? Yeah, beats me, too. I just know I'm ready for springtime to be here. I LOVE snow, but fresh snow- not dirty used snow that's been laying around. It's like yard-sale snow...I'm done with it, now if someone else would just take it, I'd be good. Heck, I'd even put it in the free box. Free snow!!! Anyone? Anyone? Beuhler?

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