Saturday, February 28, 2015

One..Two..Three...Errrr'body UP! And then please be very quiet cuz Cody has gone and laid down to nap. He woke me to tell me he was sheepy. And that there was Shnow. So I got up, handed out pills and by the time I had pottied the dogs, he was lying back down. Well, I'm glad to know me getting up is so peaceful it inspires him to nap. Really. 
Not much snow out there, I thought we were supposed to get 2 inches? Oh well, I'm sure it's enough to incite panic at Wal-mart. People are probably cleaning them out of bread, milk, eggs and toilet paper...cuz you just never know when snopocalypse is coming. I need to go clean them out of cough drops and Excedrin Migraine. Cuz I'm gonna need something to trade for food when the whole world shuts down over this snow. Right? you have the same idea... 
Spent the greater part of last night crocheting. Oh, so relaxing. I'm working on a C2C afghan that is working up just beautifully. It's a gorgeous variegated yarn of blues, purples and greens that I am just gaga over...only problem is- I got the yarn on Black Friday's $1.99 sale...and I ran out, smack in the middle of my 'ghan. So I am hoping it wasn't some rogue color they came up with and I can find it when I go out there today. But, let's be honest...I don't have the best luck in the world. So I may have a half-and-half-corner-to-corner afghan. Crossing fingers it'll be there. Otherwise my blanket will be all wonky and that just won't fit in at our house. Yeah, I know, I laughed too when I wrote it. I have found these amazing hooks that work SO great for me. They are by Boye and have rubber grip handles- and more importantly, the grip extends all the way up to where I hold my hook- I use a pencil grip, rather than the traditional overhand hold of the hook. I love that hook. It was my best hook ever. And it's missing. I have a pretty good idea where it's gone. I suspect Lillie- our kleptomaniac chew-everything-up dog got it and ate it. And then Randy has either hidden it or thrown it away to destroy evidence. Because he does stuff like that. She has chewed up shoes I've never even worn...and somehow they got into the bottom of my shoe basket. How, you might ask? Well, I'm pretty sure she didn't cover her own tracks, so let's surmise she had help to hide the shoe carcasses. Voila! Enter Randy. When I ask him about things like that, I get eye contact avoidance and a question for the question, i.e. "why would I know where it is?" or "what makes you think she did it?" Oldest trick in the book. My mom lie detector is beeping like crazy. In fact, I could use some of that Excedrin migraine...
It's a might chilly today. Fluffy snow is still falling outside, it makes me feel all cozy. I declare this a biscuits and gravy kinda morning. Now, who wants to come fix them for me? No takers? Story of my life.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Day 8,306 of captivity. The younger male continues to call me "Mama" and demand I do things for him. Apparently he feels he is the boss of me. I will play along with his charade until I simply can't stand it anymore. Odd thing is, I've become very fond of him. I'm not sure how this happened. Or why. I just know I feel very protective over him, no matter what he makes me do or how I am treated. It's unsettling, really, the hold he has over me. 
Guess what happened at our house this morning? Nope, guess again. Nope, guess again...ok, I'll tell you! 


Dear sweet heavenly days, show me to the lottery tickets, please, cuz this is a day like no other!! Seriously, get out your red pens and circle today on the calendar. Like, this will probably never happen again. Ever. I did notice there was a ring around the moon last night. Might have something to do with it. I dunno, but I'm all for it, whatever it is!
And on the downside of up, Bubba is now coughing. UGH. Problem with that is, he sometimes spontaneously throws up with his coughing fits and there is no warning when it happens. This means I follow him around most of the day with a bucket, while he tries to shake me like a bad guy running from the cops. It's an art, really, predicting the puking + autism equation. I'm not positive Einstein himself could have figured out the probability of how many times I'd be in the right place at the right time vs. how many times I clean the carpets in a day. And so far the record is 9. Nine times in one day. That is, that I cleaned the carpets, not got lucky as a bucket wielding receptacle. The thing about it is, when he starts to get sick, he panics and runs...therefore, it's a bit like harnessing a lava flow. But enough about's your breakfast? :D
So, I hear we have more bad weather on the way. Snow. Sleet. Ice. I say HOGWASH! I have to be able to get to Springfield Monday, Randy and I both have Dr appointments. You hear me, weather? Don't bugger up on me! Not to mention I have a birthday coming up next Wed and I want to be able to have my swim party. I have a new bikini and everything. Stop laughing. Stop it! You're hurting my very last feeling! OK, that's can NOT come swim in my imaginary pool. And you may NOT use my pretend pool noodles. And you are NOT invited to play Marco Polo with me. That'll learn ya, dern ya. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ow, Karma, OWWWWW! Karma, you bit me! That hurt, Karma! OWWWW!! (in my best Charlie, you bit me, Brit accent). Yep, Karma bit me, right smack-dab in the butt! When will I learn to not tempt fate by bragging on how good things are going? *sigh* 

Apparently NEVER. 

We were up at 6:20 AND we streaked. The kind Windex and coffee filters can't fix. The kind that makes me so mad, I want to chew up nails and spit out tacks. The kind that renders a PS2 useless until 9am. I said "WHY?! Why did you take off your pants?" His answer "Cold" Umm, yes, let's take off stuff since we are cold, rather than put them on. So, I redressed and put on pants that tie at the waist. I even put him back to bed once to no avail. So we stayed up. Which was a marvelous turn of luck, cuz I got to witness the cat barfing and clean it up right away...while it was still warm and gushy. The joy, the JOY! I love mornings at Crazytown. Sarcasm- level FLUENT.
Oh, and did I mention I did all this with my eyes nearly swollen shut? Yeah, I did and this is what to commercial....hehehe. To explain this, let me go back in time a little bit...Bath & Body Works has this lotion called Be Enchanted that I discovered a few months back. I fell in love with it immediately. I wore it every day and smeared some on every chance I got. It's heaven in a bottle. It makes my nose, more like downright thrilled. It smells like vanilla cupcakes and cotton candy and baby kitties armpits. Yeah, it smells THAT good. So, I slathered my hands with it last night before I went to sleep. Apparently at some point during the night, I rubbed my eyes vigorously with said lotioned hands and smeared them full of Be Enchanted. So this morning, I am nearly blind with red blood-shot eyes and am a whole lot less than enchanted. Warm compresses helped for the most part and I washed them out with eye drops. So if you see me today, I am NOT a stoner, I just play one on TV. Has this happened to anyone else? No? Well, that just figures. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Good Morning friends, family and neighbors!! Today marks day 5 of staying clothed. Yep, that's right...NO PANTS OFF!!! Woo-hoo!!! I'm doing my Ickey Woods cold cut dance! Quietly, Bub doesn't actually realize he's not been taking them off. I think once he does, it'll be back to the nudist colony. Or- I guess it would be the half nudist colony. Lower half nudist colony? I dunno...anyhow, I'd just as soon not go to it again. 
He has also been sleeping every day until just a few minutes before 7. Which is heaven to me. I won't push it and ask for 8...but if it happens...well...streamers and confetti might be in order. And I am pretty sure he can tell time. I keep suspecting it, but it's getting more and more solid in my mind. He knows he can't have his game until 8. So, at a couple of minutes till 8 he will come and start staring at me...then at 8 he asks for it. And if he is on punishment, he will do the same thing before whatever hour he is allowed. I'm thinking this kid knows a whole lot more than he is letting on. Seriously. 
My coughing is getting more under control, Randy's however is keeping us all up at nights. He coughs and coughs and I try and give him cough syrup and he's like a little kid- "I don' wanna take that, it tastes nasty" Me:*eyeroll* "TAKE IT OR DIE IN YOUR SLEEP." I have two children that live here, have I told you? One is just older, minds a whole lot less and is too big to spank. At least he doesn't take his pants off when he gets up in the morning. Yet. 
I've been crocheting a lot since my carpal tunnel release makes me able to hold the hook without being in pain. I also found an awesome hook with a built up handle that works where I hold it to make it easier. I hold mine like a pencil, so the regular ones don't work so great for me. But this one was wonderful. I loved it and it loved me. We were perfect for each other. And now it's missing. I've torn the house apart in the search for my soulmate hook. I'm fairly sure the demon dog took it and ate it. And I am also fairly sure Randy found it and either hid it or threw it away. He does that. He's hidden flip-flops in the bottom of my shoe basket that she chewed up so I wouldn't find them till later. I actually actively looked for one for three days before I finally gave up...all the while he wouldn't look at me when I asked him about it or he would say "Why would I know where it is?" Mmm-hmm, question with a question...I got your number, Mister. And now when I ask about it...same thing. So I am assuming it is gone with the wind. And I will cry and mourn it and bury a little empty box in the back yard. And hope they have them when I go to JoAnn's again. I lead such a troubled life, y'all. It's a wonder I'm not crazy. 


Sunday, February 22, 2015

The coughing...oh, the coughing. The coughing never stops. Even with prescription cough syrup. Even with cough drops. Even with RIIIIICOOOOLAAAA. As far as I'm concerned those two Swiss nuts are liars. Big fat horn tootin' liars. Can't tell a doggone bit of difference between them and a tic-tac. Except the tic-tac tastes better. And my throat? Well, it's actually not too bad, except for the tumbleweed that keeps rolling around in there tickling it. And in turn, making me cough. Stupid tumbleweeds and their stupid tickliness. Stupid coughing. At this point, I'm pretty sure my head is dislocated off the top of my spine. It's a given that I have whiplash and possibly brain damage from it rattling around in my skull. And still I cough. And when I'm not coughing, Randy is. Cuz God forbid he be left out of something. I sure hope Bub gets it next, we'll just make it a family affair! 
On a more positive note- Bubby has been sleeping till just a few minutes before 7am. Which beats the 5am's by a long shot. I'd give a king's ransom for 8am...but beggars can't be choosers. He wakes up talking- and pacing- and does it all day long until I put on his jammies and lay him down. He is like the Energizer Bunny without the drum. 
You know, when he was a toddler and so developmentally delayed I prayed to God for him to talk. We are living proof God listens and grants our requests sometimes (and that He has a fabulous sense of humor). This year I am praying for an abundant supply of ear plugs. Although I'm not sure that is in God's scope of miracles. 
Jus' sayin'. 
And now, on this snowy, yucky, coughy day, I am off to do more laundry. I think when I'm not looking, the boys just randomly take things off hangers and put them in the dirty clothes. In fact, the more I think about it the more I am positive that is EXACTLY what must be happening! Stupid laundry. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

 Today I has a sad. My mom's dog, Molly went to her new home to live this evening. I know it is an awesome place and her new girl loved her before she even met her, but I cried when she left. Some of you may think that's silly, but she wasn't just an animal to me, she was a family member. And it was absolutely for the best, cuz Mom couldn't take care of her due to her health problems and I couldn't take her cuz we have a houseful of furry kids. And I KNOW it was the RIGHT, BEST, PERFECT home for her. But...still, I cried. I felt like I failed her. Even though she is going to a wonderful place, it still felt like I didn't take care of her. And that is a sucky feeling. My mind knows it isn't true, but my heart is breaking. I can't wait to hear from her new girl, and see how well Molly is doing, because I KNOW she will. And I can go visit her anytime. So, my heart isn't completely broken, I guess, just a little cracked. 
We started the day with a Pants off-Dance off, you know- like any other morning around here. Although there was a twist today, as he had on the one-piece sleeper and he didn't take it off, just shoved his drawers down under his butt. So he looked all baggy pants gangsta in his union suit, with the diaper baggin' at the straddle. I said "Why did you take your pants off?" And the response? My ever concrete thinking child said "Didn't!" Cuz if there was no hiney to be seen, apparently it didn't violate the rules to him. Well, guess what? Mom was a "Mean Mama" and made him wait for an hour anyways with the careful explanation that anytime he takes his diaper off was NOT good. Whether I actually saw the full moon or his franks and beans or not. But that was this morning and tomorrow morning will be a whole 'nother day and I am guessing the rules don't apply to it. It's kinda like waking up in Wonderland here. You wonder what will happen. You wonder when. You wonder why. You wonder where your marbles went and why you didn't miss them before. 
Went to WM again today to finish getting the things I forgot yesterday and then didn't manage to go get last night cuz I fell asleep sitting straight up on the couch. Not as many people there today, but still managed to see a couple of people I hadn't in a long time and got some hugs. Now, I don't know if they wanted them o r not,but they got 'em. I am a spontaneous hugger and when I haven't seen you in a while, you can expect to be hugged. It's who I am. The crazy lady who gives you hugs. Or at least that's the way they described it on the police report. Just kidding. There was no police report. It was a warning. No, really JUST KIDDING. 
Soooo, where is the snow they said we were getting? Yeah, beats me, too. I just know I'm ready for springtime to be here. I LOVE snow, but fresh snow- not dirty used snow that's been laying around. It's like yard-sale snow...I'm done with it, now if someone else would just take it, I'd be good. Heck, I'd even put it in the free box. Free snow!!! Anyone? Anyone? Beuhler?

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Lord A'Mercy, we slept in today! All the way till 6:50. I was so confused and bumfuzzled by it, that my entire day was thrown off. I'm just now catching up with me and myself. And we are a might worn out. I think I traveled a million miles today- many of them in circles at WM while I was trying to find the things I needed and then TRYING to get to them through the people who were hoarding stuff for the blizzard that's coming. And guess what I cam home with? 5 out of the 17 things on my list. 

Cuz I'm a JEEN-YUS, that's why! 

So, I'm getting ready to run out in a little bit and get the things I forgot today. And no- milk, bread or toilet paper wasn't on the list, so I should be good. Unless there was a big run on Bag Balm, paintbrushes and sandwich bags and they are completely which case I will riot and fling myself in the floor and have a spin-fit. (I'm still itching for one of those since I don't have room to have one at home)
Speaking of not much room: I've decided to paint my teensy little bathroom a pretty blue called Sea (...or Ocean..or something watery sounding). I figured it will make us think we're at the beach and when Randy sits in there too long, I can start playing the Jaws music and it will encourage him to hustle butt on out. I am afraid he's too smart for that, but we'll never know till we try. 
Cody has been doing his "Pete and Repeat sat on a fence and Pete fell off, who was left?" repertoire all day. And night. No, he doesn't really do that joke. At least it would be semi-entertaining. He just says random things 34 times in a row until we insist he stop and then he changes it up by starting a new chant. Good times here. Loud times here. helpmeeeee
I made Chicago Dogs and tater salad for supper. I think the boys ate about 7 together. Cody kept looking at me while he was smacking his lips saying "mmmm, good!" That always makes a mama's heart swell. Of course he told me the same thing when he ate a light bulb once. But that's another story. 
I'm still trying to get a handle on all the things in disarray in my house. It seems like I take two steps forwards and 3 steps back. I start out like a bottle rocket, then **pop** I end up shaking my head wandering away to a quiet place and biting my nails. I wish some of the voices in my head were good at organization. I have a label maker and everything. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Captain's Log Day 1: the journey to planet Ambien had to be aborted early due to flooding on the sleeping plain. There is no clear evidence it will be successful as of yet. We will continue our trek tonight. 
Round two, please be successful!! I'm still hoping. We got up at 6:25, but to be fair, he was soaked and I don't mean just a little bit. Typhoon city. He did seem to sleep sounder, though. He slept thru Randy coughing all night, so that's a good sign...I think. He's laid back down on his bed now. Hopefully he will nap a bit, he's a wee bit staggery this morning. Kinda like a drunk person, running into stuff and misjudging where his feet are going. Which is kinda normal, just magnified. And the pants? Off twice, so no game until 10. When will he ever learn? The sixth Sunday in Octeptember. That's when it will all sink in. So see? There's still a chance! Silver linings are everywhere.
Day 3 of my headache from Hades. I'm pretty sure I have a sinus infection again. Either that or my brain is on strike. Which is entirely possible. And my shoulder is killing me. And my carpal tunnel scar is ouchie. And I'm whiny. Oh, you already noticed that? Well, shoot. I wanted it to be a surprise. 
Dear Lord, if you can find it in your heart, I'd love to have a nap today. Just a short one...6 hours or so. :D 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I am hope everlasting. 
I keep thinking one of these days he will sleep in. Because I knew we had to get around early this morning, I set an alarm. Although I'm not sure exactly why, cuz Bub was up bright and ugly, like: 'Hellllllllooooooo, world! It's nearly 6:30 let's get up!' So, I took a shower and then gave him one and got him ready to go to the Dr. with NONE of his 'calm-the-crap-down' pills on board cuz we ran out yesterday, which was the entire reason for going to the Dr, anyhow. He cooperated most of the time and out the door we went. He talked a mile and a half a minute all the way there (while we were there and all the way home). 
We made it to Willow Springs just fine and didn't have a bit of trouble until the turn in for the doctor's office. Then I slid and promptly got stuck trying to jump the hump to get into the lot- it hadn't been scraped. I had to back up and pull forward and back up and pull forward and back up and...yeah. Meanwhile, Randy was sitting there laughing at me which made me really MAD. So, I suggested he be helpful instead of JOLLY or else he and his bum knee could get out and push forward while I tried to back up. Odd, how cooperative he got after that. There may be no "i" in teamwork, but there are two in idiot and I'll dot both of 'em if he don't work with me! Cuz I'm gangsta, that way. 
Bubba has gained some weight, about 5lbs, which is good. She (Dr) was worried about how much he'd gone down (23lbs in a couple of years). We are trying a new med to help with sleep, since he doesn't seem to want to do very much of it. We shall see if it helps or if it does the exact opposite, which sometimes happens with autistic persons. I'm crossing my fingers, toes and eyes that it helps him sleep past daylight. If it doesn't I think I will lay in the floor and bawl. Might even throw a spin fit.  Except I don't have enough space for that. She also said he has thrush, which can be caused by him chewing on everything under the sun. So she ordered a pill for that since he can't do the swish and swallow. Go, us! We're figgerin' stuff out! Hopefully we'll get him all lined out soon. 
And now the sun is shining and everything is melting and the world is starting to return back to normal...then I hear the radio announcer say 50% chance of snow tonight or tomorrow. My heart leaped. My hands got sweaty. My brow furrowed and then I began to howl....OH MY GOD WE NEED BREAD, MILK AND TOILET PAPER!!! Batten down the hatches, a blizzard is comin'! Or, you know, a light dusting. Whatever. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Well, I missed writing yesterday, did you miss me? And all my wisdom? The ENTIRE teaspoonful? Eh, it was same song second verse of the taking off our pants and running nekked song. He was WILD most of the day, I suspect it was the incoming storm front that had him so excitable. And what a doozy it's shaping up to be. 


You have to know, snow comforts me. It makes me happy when the world looks fresh and new, blanketed in fluffy cotton studded with diamonds. It calms me and makes me very relaxed. Except for the arthritis, which kinks me up in the most horrible ways, but...back to happy...happy little snow, happy little snowy trees, right there. Happy little birds looking for food in the feeder I forgot to fill. AACK! I'm a horrible host mother! Now they will probably all starve plum to death. Nope, I'll put on my big girl panties long johns and do it. I'll also put on my coveralls, snow boots, parka and Elmer Fudd hat and take my sled dogs and walk the 8 or so feet to fill it...I have to dig a place out for said dogs to go potty anyhow lol They are very delicate and won't go out in the snow. Well, the fact they are so short-legged their bellies drag probably doesn't help either. I'm not sure I could go pee if my hoo-ha was dragging in the snow either.
We got up at 6:20 today. And after several attempts to go back to bed cuz it was STILL DARK, we finally gave up and stayed up. He is now napping in his room. Isn't he cute? :/  He is also on game suspension until 10 for...let's say it together...TAKING OFF HIS PANTS. That child is a nudist at heart. And at butt. 
I was supposed to have a dr appt at 9:30 this morn, but it got called on account of weather. Aww, well, maybe I won't die until I can get in to see her. Randy is still in bed, he had a restless night with his knee. He is currently sound asleep and loudly singing. This is not the first time he has sang in his sleep and I'm fearful it's not the last. It kind of sounds like "Turn around bright eyes" but I'm not for sure. He can't carry a tune in a bucket and he mumbles. It is, however, entertaining Cody who is laughing and running up and down the hall saying "Daddy- FUNNY!"
I have been doing laundry, mountains and mountains of laundry. And then there's the laundry. And I have also been doing laundry. And trying to make some sense out of the clutter that has gathered in my house. I have no idea where it's all come from. I certainly didn't buy it all and bring it in here and not know where to put it and decide to leave it where it is until I decide where it should go and still haven't decided 2 months later. Nope, not me! That doesn't sound like me at all. Oh- did I mention I had laundry to do? 
I'm thinking a big ole pot of chili sounds like it might hit the spot today. It and tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches are two of my favorite cold weather foods. Oh, and beef stew, but I made it the other day (and man, was it good) so I'll wait a bit to rotate it back in. Aren't you glad I told you that? Cuz you NEED to know what I am going to eat today. I promise to take pictures! YOU ARE WELCOME! 
Hope you all stay safe, stay in if you can and be careful if you can't. Just because you know how to drive on it, doesn't mean the other guy does. Give yourself a lot of extra time to get where you are going. Don't slam on your brakes. If you start sliding, turn INTO it. This has been a public service announcement....

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Okie apparently the fifth time is NOT the charm. We had four glorious days of not taking anything off. Now we're back to square one. So far this morning, nekked twice. So far this morning, 2 hour delay on game. So far this morning, no mental breakdown (by Mama). All those 'so fars' are subject to change at any point in time, for any reason. Although the most favored reason would be nekked X3. 
Up at 6:25 this morning. And 6:40 and 6:50 at which point his father told him he could get up. Thanks, honey. Solidarity! 
Now, here I sit in the living room, by myself...cuz Cody has gone back and laid down to nap. SO NOT FAIR! I want a nap!! But as sure as I laid down, he'd get up again. Yep, this ain't my first Codeo. I've fought this bull a few times. For way more than 8 seconds. 
The weather man said last night *snow* is coming Sunday night and that we've moved more into the 'snow 2-4 inches' than the 'wintery mix' section we were in. Possibly even more accumulation than that. Now the disclaimer here is, that was last night and today is probably a brand new forecast- possibly involving sunstroke and/or laying out in my bikini. I know from the creak in my bones SOMEthing is coming. Just not sure what. But, just in case, I need to don my survival gear, gather my cross-bow and poison dart gun and head to the store for bread, milk and toilet paper before the rest of the town wipes out the supply and we have to use tree bark in the bathroom. I love how the forecasts incite panic. It's like no one will EVER get out of the house AGAIN!! Craziness. So I, of course, HAVE to join in. After all, I am the Queen of Crazy and these are my subjects. 
OK, Saturday, be kind...I'm a bit skittish today, I scare fairly easy, so let's just Keep Calm and Autism On. 
We can do eet! 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Morning, glorious morning...blech

It's morning. I think. It was just night a few minutes ago. I think. Kept the wild monkey boy up till around 12:30am thinking he'd sleep in and let Daddy sleep the day after surgery. BAHAHAHAHA. I am so funny. And not so good at thinking.
Yeah, Pipe Dreams- I got 'em. 
He was up at 6:43. And 6:55. And 7:05 for good. Wait...for good? Finally up at 7:05. And so was Daddy. So much for post-op rest and recovery. He doesn't need it anyhow. Obviously. 
He is currently racing up and down the hallway yelling "I fast!" Bub, NOT Daddy. Daddy is not so fast this morning. I have no idea where he gets all that energy. If I could have a fraction of it, I'd be running up and down the hall, too. Possibly with no pants. No, can't do that. Responsible adult and stuff. Leading by example. Crap. 
His chatterbox seems to be turned on high, too. And I had no idea he had so many toys that make noise until he started bringing one with him each time he's come down the hall. Oh, who we kidding? Yes, I did. I've bought most of them in some fit of insanity. 
Lord, please keep your hand of protection over this child cuz I have a feeling he's gonna need it. Tired mama+post-op daddy+wild son= catastrophic disaster. This is shaping up to be a doozy of a day.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

This morning I got to do the waking up in my house! 
I got to wake up the boy at 6:00am, hehehe However, he did get up, bright eyed and bushy tailed- running and yelling at the top of his lungs that he was sleepy. Yeah, well, me, too. We would have still been asleep (for at least 5-15 more blissful minutes, maybe) if we hadn't had to get up and take Randy to have knee surgery done. Dang him and his stupid knee anyhow. I showered while simultaneously yelling for Randy to get out of bed, which he did just before I got out, so as to not incur the wrath of Mama. Threw clothes on us all (sweatpants and t-shirts- we went FANCY!) and made it to the surgical center with a minute to spare. Then we took off our coats settled down to wait and...then the realization...we forgot something...Oh, dear God! 





So. *sigh* We prayed to the Lord to be gentle on our souls as we waited for Daddy to get done. He talked a mile a minute about everything he could possibly imagine to cover the entire time. I tried to show him the fish. Didn't care. Tried to show him pictures on my phone. Cared even less. Fed him crackers, cookies, more crackers and goldfish. And 2 sodas. And still he talked. My ears were tired, my nerves were frazzled and my step was weary by the time they let us go back and see Daddy. Then he had to repeat everything to him he'd told me. And guess who was still hopped up on anesthesia and fed right into it and was Chatty Charlie, too? Yep, you guessed it. I had to deal with hyperactive Thing 1 and Thing 2. I told them everyone was getting some of Cody's pills when we got home. Ahhh, home...
Now the man-child has had his pills. (thank you, Jesus and Walgreens) The bigger man-child is settled on the couch with his leg up and an ice pack on and has calmed down considerably (I did give him HIS pills) and the four year old is running up and down the hall showing me how fast she is and how high she can jump. 
Three rings, here. Cue the circus music. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A bit about us

If you're new to my world, you will learn quickly that chaos reigns in our household. We choose to deal with it using humor rather than hysterics, mainly because hysterics would get very tiresome, as often as we'd have to go into them. We have a busy home full of fun, fur and love. My son is Cody a.k.a. Bubby or Bubba. I talk about him frequently, he is the center of my world and the reason it turns. And quite often the reason it slips off it's axis and we all get unbalanced at times. :D But life is life and we get through it together.
He has moderate-severe autism, obsessive-compulsive disorder and attention defecit hyperactivity disorder. He is funny, silly and very social. All the things "they" say autistic persons aren't. He has limited speech, but talks ALL the time about the things he loves in 'lather, rinse, repeat' form. I hear at least 10,000 times a day "I like_____" and then I hear it again and then....yeah, you get it. He is in diapers still, never did catch onto the whole nutty potty training thing. We tried, several of his teachers and aides tried, and it was just a no-go with him. At home, he would cry to get up, like he thought it was a punishment and never did understand the concept of simply doing his business and getting to run free. Ah, well. It's all good, we have diapers, wipes and duct tape.
Speaking of which, as of late, he has started taking off his pants in the morning. Yea, ALL the pants he has on. That's quite a thing to wake up to- diaper set on your head with the one-eyed willie swinging in the breeze. We hadn't been able to make him understand we do NOT take our pants off when we get up. And we DEFINITELY don't take them off 5 more times...which he did day before yesterday and he got his game (PS2) taken away ALL DAY! It seemed to have made an impression on him, the last two mornings, he's stayed dressed. Whoop-whoop for a win! far...
Randy and I have been together for 27½ years. I've not killed him yet, which is a good sign. It is also a sign that I cannot dig holes. Jus' sayin'. We get along pretty well in this whole parenting thing. Thank heavens, cuz sometimes I don't know what I'd do without him being in charge so I can schedule the occasional nervous breakdown here and there.
And then there's our furkids- we have 4 cats, none of them on purpose. All are rescues. We have 3 dogs, a Chorkie, a Chihuahua and a Malti-Chi. Lord, love a duck, whoever thought we needed this many animals obviously has a huge hole in their head.
Now, pardon me while I go take care of this head wound....

Whoopie! Here we go!

I've had several friends and family encourage me to blog the chaos that is life in my house with hubby, 4 cats, 3 dogs and a nearly 23 year old Autistic son. It's neverending entertainment, I can tell you that. We have our up days and our downs. We have days that have at least 56 hours in them and some that the sun is setting before it's risen. It's different every day except it's kind of the same. Are you as confused as I am? Good! Then let's get started!