Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I am hope everlasting. 
I keep thinking one of these days he will sleep in. Because I knew we had to get around early this morning, I set an alarm. Although I'm not sure exactly why, cuz Bub was up bright and ugly, like: 'Hellllllllooooooo, world! It's nearly 6:30 let's get up!' So, I took a shower and then gave him one and got him ready to go to the Dr. with NONE of his 'calm-the-crap-down' pills on board cuz we ran out yesterday, which was the entire reason for going to the Dr, anyhow. He cooperated most of the time and out the door we went. He talked a mile and a half a minute all the way there (while we were there and all the way home). 
We made it to Willow Springs just fine and didn't have a bit of trouble until the turn in for the doctor's office. Then I slid and promptly got stuck trying to jump the hump to get into the lot- it hadn't been scraped. I had to back up and pull forward and back up and pull forward and back up and...yeah. Meanwhile, Randy was sitting there laughing at me which made me really MAD. So, I suggested he be helpful instead of JOLLY or else he and his bum knee could get out and push forward while I tried to back up. Odd, how cooperative he got after that. There may be no "i" in teamwork, but there are two in idiot and I'll dot both of 'em if he don't work with me! Cuz I'm gangsta, that way. 
Bubba has gained some weight, about 5lbs, which is good. She (Dr) was worried about how much he'd gone down (23lbs in a couple of years). We are trying a new med to help with sleep, since he doesn't seem to want to do very much of it. We shall see if it helps or if it does the exact opposite, which sometimes happens with autistic persons. I'm crossing my fingers, toes and eyes that it helps him sleep past daylight. If it doesn't I think I will lay in the floor and bawl. Might even throw a spin fit.  Except I don't have enough space for that. She also said he has thrush, which can be caused by him chewing on everything under the sun. So she ordered a pill for that since he can't do the swish and swallow. Go, us! We're figgerin' stuff out! Hopefully we'll get him all lined out soon. 
And now the sun is shining and everything is melting and the world is starting to return back to normal...then I hear the radio announcer say 50% chance of snow tonight or tomorrow. My heart leaped. My hands got sweaty. My brow furrowed and then I began to howl....OH MY GOD WE NEED BREAD, MILK AND TOILET PAPER!!! Batten down the hatches, a blizzard is comin'! Or, you know, a light dusting. Whatever. 

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