Thursday, July 16, 2015

And Mr. Bright N. Shiny bounded out of bed at 5:30am and raced in to tell me "Hi, Mama, I your sunshine! I need a cola." So Mama's body got out of bed with him. Mama's brain, however is still under the covers yelling 'lalalala-I-can't-hear-you' and refusing to get up. So far I've made two messes that I've had to clean up and he has helped himself to some handfuls of brownies while I was in the 'study' doing 'paperwork'. I picked up everything the cat had knocked off my desk. I cleaned up two piles of cat barf. I restarted the load of laundry I forgot to take out yesterday and was smelling funkalicious today. I took my pills. I can't find my glasses and one slipper is missing. This day is looking like it's gonna be a doozy. 
We are still struggling with the sleeping in thing (well, I'M struggling, he's perfectly fine with it). Or at least sleeping until daylight, even if sleeping late never happens. We've trucked through several sleeping pills that have been the equivalent of taking Tic-Tacs. You know, like the orange ones- that look good, but don't really do anything to help. She has ordered Valium now to see if it works. If it doesn't help him, I think I may give it to all the cats in the house, as they seem to be having bouts of hysteria followed by intense craziness. Also known as, they fit right in here.
I've had several medical issues going on...yeah, BIG surprise, right? Had been having headaches non stop (unrelated to stress) and went to the Dr who ordered an MRI of my neck. They found the disk above the ones they fixed before is failing. It's bulging greatly on the left side. Dr said if I was to have an accident or a fall, it could be very paralyzation bad. So, they are sending me back to the neurosurgeon. He did give me 10 shots in my neck...yes, TEN. It wasn't bad, just felt like sixteen thousand yellow jackets stinging me at once. Yeah, not bad at all. Have also been going to PT for massage, traction and e-stim. I HATE going to PT. It makes me bananas to have to go. Hopefully they can stop it since he said to quit the traction. Just hope things aren't so bad they have to do surgery again. Maybe they have some kind of trick up their sleeves to fix it. Like a wand that has magical unicorn tail hair in it and they can tap on my neck and say ooga-booga-bombay and it's fixed! Hey, it works on Bewitched!
Bubba has been talking. And talking. AND TALKING. I have no clue what has spurred this phase, but I'm ready for it to move along. It's repeating...kinda like living with that bird on the commercial that sings "Row, row, row your boat" non-stop, except it's  "Hey...hey...hey...HEY! Hi Mama! Mama, hi!" I have purchased ear plugs and I ain't afraid to use em! (Actually, I kinda am. I'm afraid I will get addicted to the quiet and then I'll never want to take them out.)
Coffee is brewing, kinda made it strong today. On purpose. For good reason. None that involve being productive, cuz so far I do NOT see that happening. I'm just hanging onto the shirt tail of life right now, while it flaps wildly in the breeze. Lord be with me today as I do my best tp survive. Pretty please with sugar on top. And a cherry. With whipped cream. Great. Now I want ice cream. Hey, Bubba, how do you feel about ice cream for breakfast???