Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A bit about us

If you're new to my world, you will learn quickly that chaos reigns in our household. We choose to deal with it using humor rather than hysterics, mainly because hysterics would get very tiresome, as often as we'd have to go into them. We have a busy home full of fun, fur and love. My son is Cody a.k.a. Bubby or Bubba. I talk about him frequently, he is the center of my world and the reason it turns. And quite often the reason it slips off it's axis and we all get unbalanced at times. :D But life is life and we get through it together.
He has moderate-severe autism, obsessive-compulsive disorder and attention defecit hyperactivity disorder. He is funny, silly and very social. All the things "they" say autistic persons aren't. He has limited speech, but talks ALL the time about the things he loves in 'lather, rinse, repeat' form. I hear at least 10,000 times a day "I like_____" and then I hear it again and then....yeah, you get it. He is in diapers still, never did catch onto the whole nutty potty training thing. We tried, several of his teachers and aides tried, and it was just a no-go with him. At home, he would cry to get up, like he thought it was a punishment and never did understand the concept of simply doing his business and getting to run free. Ah, well. It's all good, we have diapers, wipes and duct tape.
Speaking of which, as of late, he has started taking off his pants in the morning. Yea, ALL the pants he has on. That's quite a thing to wake up to- diaper set on your head with the one-eyed willie swinging in the breeze. We hadn't been able to make him understand we do NOT take our pants off when we get up. And we DEFINITELY don't take them off 5 more times...which he did day before yesterday and he got his game (PS2) taken away ALL DAY! It seemed to have made an impression on him, the last two mornings, he's stayed dressed. Whoop-whoop for a win! far...
Randy and I have been together for 27½ years. I've not killed him yet, which is a good sign. It is also a sign that I cannot dig holes. Jus' sayin'. We get along pretty well in this whole parenting thing. Thank heavens, cuz sometimes I don't know what I'd do without him being in charge so I can schedule the occasional nervous breakdown here and there.
And then there's our furkids- we have 4 cats, none of them on purpose. All are rescues. We have 3 dogs, a Chorkie, a Chihuahua and a Malti-Chi. Lord, love a duck, whoever thought we needed this many animals obviously has a huge hole in their head.
Now, pardon me while I go take care of this head wound....

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