Thursday, February 19, 2015

Lord A'Mercy, we slept in today! All the way till 6:50. I was so confused and bumfuzzled by it, that my entire day was thrown off. I'm just now catching up with me and myself. And we are a might worn out. I think I traveled a million miles today- many of them in circles at WM while I was trying to find the things I needed and then TRYING to get to them through the people who were hoarding stuff for the blizzard that's coming. And guess what I cam home with? 5 out of the 17 things on my list. 

Cuz I'm a JEEN-YUS, that's why! 

So, I'm getting ready to run out in a little bit and get the things I forgot today. And no- milk, bread or toilet paper wasn't on the list, so I should be good. Unless there was a big run on Bag Balm, paintbrushes and sandwich bags and they are completely which case I will riot and fling myself in the floor and have a spin-fit. (I'm still itching for one of those since I don't have room to have one at home)
Speaking of not much room: I've decided to paint my teensy little bathroom a pretty blue called Sea (...or Ocean..or something watery sounding). I figured it will make us think we're at the beach and when Randy sits in there too long, I can start playing the Jaws music and it will encourage him to hustle butt on out. I am afraid he's too smart for that, but we'll never know till we try. 
Cody has been doing his "Pete and Repeat sat on a fence and Pete fell off, who was left?" repertoire all day. And night. No, he doesn't really do that joke. At least it would be semi-entertaining. He just says random things 34 times in a row until we insist he stop and then he changes it up by starting a new chant. Good times here. Loud times here. helpmeeeee
I made Chicago Dogs and tater salad for supper. I think the boys ate about 7 together. Cody kept looking at me while he was smacking his lips saying "mmmm, good!" That always makes a mama's heart swell. Of course he told me the same thing when he ate a light bulb once. But that's another story. 
I'm still trying to get a handle on all the things in disarray in my house. It seems like I take two steps forwards and 3 steps back. I start out like a bottle rocket, then **pop** I end up shaking my head wandering away to a quiet place and biting my nails. I wish some of the voices in my head were good at organization. I have a label maker and everything. 

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  1. I alwaus look forward to my 1st morning laugh with you! Um.....lightbulb? Really?