Monday, February 16, 2015

Well, I missed writing yesterday, did you miss me? And all my wisdom? The ENTIRE teaspoonful? Eh, it was same song second verse of the taking off our pants and running nekked song. He was WILD most of the day, I suspect it was the incoming storm front that had him so excitable. And what a doozy it's shaping up to be. 


You have to know, snow comforts me. It makes me happy when the world looks fresh and new, blanketed in fluffy cotton studded with diamonds. It calms me and makes me very relaxed. Except for the arthritis, which kinks me up in the most horrible ways, but...back to happy...happy little snow, happy little snowy trees, right there. Happy little birds looking for food in the feeder I forgot to fill. AACK! I'm a horrible host mother! Now they will probably all starve plum to death. Nope, I'll put on my big girl panties long johns and do it. I'll also put on my coveralls, snow boots, parka and Elmer Fudd hat and take my sled dogs and walk the 8 or so feet to fill it...I have to dig a place out for said dogs to go potty anyhow lol They are very delicate and won't go out in the snow. Well, the fact they are so short-legged their bellies drag probably doesn't help either. I'm not sure I could go pee if my hoo-ha was dragging in the snow either.
We got up at 6:20 today. And after several attempts to go back to bed cuz it was STILL DARK, we finally gave up and stayed up. He is now napping in his room. Isn't he cute? :/  He is also on game suspension until 10 for...let's say it together...TAKING OFF HIS PANTS. That child is a nudist at heart. And at butt. 
I was supposed to have a dr appt at 9:30 this morn, but it got called on account of weather. Aww, well, maybe I won't die until I can get in to see her. Randy is still in bed, he had a restless night with his knee. He is currently sound asleep and loudly singing. This is not the first time he has sang in his sleep and I'm fearful it's not the last. It kind of sounds like "Turn around bright eyes" but I'm not for sure. He can't carry a tune in a bucket and he mumbles. It is, however, entertaining Cody who is laughing and running up and down the hall saying "Daddy- FUNNY!"
I have been doing laundry, mountains and mountains of laundry. And then there's the laundry. And I have also been doing laundry. And trying to make some sense out of the clutter that has gathered in my house. I have no idea where it's all come from. I certainly didn't buy it all and bring it in here and not know where to put it and decide to leave it where it is until I decide where it should go and still haven't decided 2 months later. Nope, not me! That doesn't sound like me at all. Oh- did I mention I had laundry to do? 
I'm thinking a big ole pot of chili sounds like it might hit the spot today. It and tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches are two of my favorite cold weather foods. Oh, and beef stew, but I made it the other day (and man, was it good) so I'll wait a bit to rotate it back in. Aren't you glad I told you that? Cuz you NEED to know what I am going to eat today. I promise to take pictures! YOU ARE WELCOME! 
Hope you all stay safe, stay in if you can and be careful if you can't. Just because you know how to drive on it, doesn't mean the other guy does. Give yourself a lot of extra time to get where you are going. Don't slam on your brakes. If you start sliding, turn INTO it. This has been a public service announcement....

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