Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Good morning from Birthday Central! It's my birthday today! And we got up at 5:35 to celebrate it. But, I made it another trip around the sun. Although as sore as I am today, you'd think I alternately crawled and hopscotched all the way around. (We went to Springfield yesterday and I'm always in a dilapidated state after a long driving trip) I'm 30 today...with 17 years experience. so...30 plus wear and tear plus experience plus arthritis...I am exactly 102 today! In light of that, I look pretty stinkin good for my age! 
It is also my Granny- Silvie Burris' birthday. She passed in 1998, but I still celebrate with her each year. Like this morning- we had birthday cake for breakfast. Now one of us is urpy with a tummy ache...and I think it might be me? Blech, yep, definitely me. Granny and I were super SUPER close. From the time I was five years, just after my Paw died, I spent every Friday and Saturday night with her, so she wouldn't be lonesome. Then when I was 16 we actually lived with her for a while. And after that I was a grow-up and didn't spend the night with Granny anymore. Man, was that a dumb idea. I'm not good at being an adult. I should've stayed that little kid. Some of my most favorite times was lying in the bed in the dark with her talking about when she was a kid. That and lifting the sheets up and moving our feet on them really fast like we were running to see the sparks. lol 
Springfield yesterday was a Dr appointment for me at the ENT where he rudely accused me of cleaning my ears with q-tips. I told him I didn't do it, but someone else might have when I wasn't looking. He harrumphed at me. AND said I was telling a lie! Can you believe it? What do you mean yes, you can? Harrumph! He cleaned out both my ears which left me a wee bit on the far side of dizzy. And said my turbinates in my sinuses were VERY swollen and to use the Saline Spray bottle from Neil-med, then a steroid spray to see if that will shrink them, otherwise I am to go back and see him in a month. And I suspect he will want to do a reduction on them. Um, no thanks. PASS! I had one of those a while back and it was a MOST painful surgery.
Then we had Randy's dr appointment, which went well and then we took Bubba to Urgent Care in Springfield to have him checked out. So he is on eye drops for pink eye and antibiotics for strep throat. Yay us! All in all, we had a pretty good day. 
Today's agenda- Go get driver's license renewed, as it expires today. I have to take my baby book in with me, cuz my birth certificate is glued inside it. Glad I have it where I know it is, anyhow.Even if my mama did glue it down tighter than Fort Knox has it's gold secured. Hope my eyes remember what they're supposed to do. 

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