Friday, March 13, 2015

This morning I has a sore throat. But not just a sore throat a SORE throat. And by SORE I mean SOOOOOOORRREEEEE. Are you getting my hints? Do you follow me? Yeah, in case you didn't- it hurts. Today I forecast downpours of hot honey lemon tea followed with accumulation of cold and sinus pills. With intermittent gusts of sneezing. And overcast mood with breakthrough grouching. I don't have time to be sick.
Now...for last nights catastrophe. Many of you know Randy chews. I hate it. HATE it. HATE IT with the burning passion of ten thousand suns. It grosses me out. Always has and always will. He has of late been spitting in a coke bottle and leaving it by the couch. Last night Bubba got hold of it and drank some. I was COMPLETELY grossed out. I brushed his teeth for a solid ten minutes, I think. And I told Randy he was either going to wash out that nasty crap every time he was done with it or he was not going to have one in the house anymore. He didn't think I was serious. He found out HOW serious I was. Then a little while after Bubba went to bed, he threw up. Lots and everywhere. It had tobacco in it. I was furious. Seething. Irate. I cleaned him up, changed the bed, gave him something so he wouldn't be sick again and hoped for the best. He didn't get sick anymore. But I'm not speaking to Randy...not that he knows it yet, cuz he's still piled up in bed, but I'm not. I may wake him up to tell him I'm not talking to him. Would that defeat the purpose? 
We got up this morning bright and ugly at 6. He said was "code" (cold), so I changed him and put socks and houseshoes on him and he promptly took them right back off. I do not know why this child will not leave on houseshoes! They're soft and squishy. Maybe they remind him too much of wearing pants...I dunno.  He then took a nap, after he made sure I was up and moving. Ain't he adorable? 
Now the four year old is wanting everything on TV. Every commercial she says "Can I have that?" Marketing geniuses. Making little kids want things when they don't even know what they are. Yes, she actually said that..."What is that?" I said "I don't know" She said "Well can I have it?" I said "If you don't know what it is, you don't need it!" To which I hear "PLEEEEEEAAASSSSEEEEE?" *sigh* "Please for my birthday?" *biggersigh* "Please with a cherry on top?!" I said "sure, you can have it." Sorry, Ashley. I'll keep a list so you can get everything I've promised her. You're welcome. 
Today's agenda- in between being whiny- involves MORE laundry. And trying to find the table that is in the dining room. I know there is one there, cuz I used to see it. Before the great landslide of '14. I swear I will find it again. No telling what else I'll come across in the quest. I may find valuables. Or Jimmy Hoffa. Although, I think it may be a bit late for him. This will be accomplished slowly and surely. I also need to wash a load of dishes and clean the bathroom. I also need to vacuum. And clean carpets after all the snow and stubborn little dog's calling cards. 
Have I mentioned I don't have time to be sick? Yeah, that. 

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