Wednesday, March 18, 2015

In today's breaking news...I seem to be on the upside of down. Feeling lots and lots better. Haven't been too grouchy or whiny the last couple of days. Except for...gotcha! I just said I wasn't whiny. Fooled ya, right? Yeah, I almost fooled me, too! I am that good!
In a sad twist of fate, since I am feeling better, I was forced to prove it. The man-child got up this morning and took off his pants. Which I do not like but am used to. BUT by the time I made it down the hall and threw away the diaper and sat in the floor and yelled "Bubba, come here for pants!" He'd done it. 
Oy vey! Fiddlesticks! Phooey! Nonsense! Ugh! Gad! Oh my word! What the what?! Holy crap!
Well, it wasn't holy...but it was crap. Lord save me from myself. Cuz myself is gonna go in her room and pack her clothes and run away. Just as soon as I rest from scrubbing carpets on my hands and knees for the last hour. On second thought, maybe I won't even pack clothes, I'll just move to somewhere I don't need any. Do they wear clothing in Borneo? Wait...where IS Borneo again?

*sigh* I don't want to Mommy today. Please don't make me mommy!!

I hope the whole day is not modeled after this morning or else the elope threat is very real. It's a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.  
One up note, even after the Great Crapsaster of 2015, the last loads of dirty hamper riff-raff are in the washer and dryer. Everything is clean. Except for the clothes on our backs and the towels on the racks. You know what that means...look busy, Jesus is coming!!

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