Saturday, May 23, 2015

Blog? what blog? mean THIS ole thang? Yeah, well it's been neglected a bit. Seems like life has been trying to kill me. So far, I'm winning though. Take that, life! 
We are on a new sleep med. and by 'we', I mean, Captain B'Fore Sunrise. It is not working. We were up at 5:15 this morning. And nekked. And complaining of being cold. Gee, I wonder why? So I redressed him, put him in bed with me and snuggled him till he quit shaking. Then I wrassled him for about ten minutes trying to make him lay down with me since it was still dark and all. Crazy thought. After several pinches, pulls and a poke to the eye, we got up anyhow. So much for being up, cuz he's napping now. *sigh* Karma, I am not your friend. All those times I slept till noon when I was a teenager....I'm being paid back for. Ok, Mom, please lift the "I hope your kid is ten times worse than you are" curse. PLEASE. I get it. 
I've been having a bit of a rough time lately. Lots of medical things going on- headache for three weeks solid for starters. Dr is sending me back to my neurosurgeon cuz she is afraid the disks above and below the ones I had fixed a few years back are failing now. Yay, me! Hoping maybe it just needs some adjustments. I just know I am tired of being a whiny baby about hurting. And I can't find my pacifier anywhere to plug up my complain-hole. Ah, well. Such is my luck. I'm also scheduled for a stress test on Friday to see about the chest pains I have been having. Yippee-skippee
The races have started in good ole WP again. My baby boy is LOVING them! He went last week and then again last night. He gets so excited. He's been going since he was a baby. They used to take him in a punkin seat to watch them. He's a racer born and bred lol. He came in like a whirlwind last week running full speed up and down the hall, crashing into the wall and fell down several times. Then did the same thing but not to as much of a degree last night. Hyper, much? Last week I had to give him a Xanax to calm his butt down. Last night he didn't need one, but I though about taking it for him. I'm too old for this. All of this. Any of this. Too old. Especially when I figure that in less than a week my BABY boy will be 23. How? When? What the...? Yeah, 23. Unreal. He will more than likely make it...unless he gets up at 5:15 EVERY morning. Then all bets are off. 

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